My Bead Work

August 2014: I've started making gifts for the nieces. Here is the first chunky necklace.

Chunky necklace

July 2011: My new mood bead necklace with daisy chain.

Mood bead necklace

April 2010: Started a new necklace, a choker. Still haven't finished it yet.

October 15, 2007: A new spiral rope neckace and a whole selection of new bracelets.

October 10, 2007: New seed bead stash:

Seed bead stash acquired October 10, 2007

September 7, 2007: A bracelet for my nephew for Christmas.

September 2, 2007: My fourth beadweaving class was Peyote stitch. I pretty much knew how to do the stitch, but I learned a few tips and tricks, including how to cover the magnetic clasps on this bracelet.

August 12, 2007: My third beadweaving class was Ndebele, or herringbone. It's quite unique, I think. The tube encases a length of plumbing solder which makes it a moldable - adjustable bracelet.

July 14, 2007: I learned a new technique, spiral rope, and made a new necklace this week.

July 7, 2007: I attended my second beadweaving class today, and created an embellished netted bracelet.

June 30, 2007: My peyote stitch amulet bag in progress, now with beaded strap.

I've also taken pictures of a few beaded bracelets I've created this month, some for myself, and some which are to be Christmas gifts.

June 9, 2007: I completed my second square stitch bracelet in what I consider "beachy" colors. I used white 4mm miyuki cubes (that have a shimmer to them, but I wouldn't say they're pearlized), with some apricot seed beads along the edges and some other pastel colors for the flower embellishments.

I also ordered two bead weaving books from Cindy's Crafts in Johnson City, TN, and requested a whole slew of them from the library. :)

June 2, 2007: I took my first beading class ever today! It was so much fun. I took the first in a Stitch of the Month series and I learned the square stitch and the weaver's knot. There were only three of us in the class, which meant that I got lots of individual attention. I finished the project tonight (a bracelet) after I got home, and I've just got to say, I LOVE it! Oh, and I got to choose the colors, so, it's 100% me. laughing at myself Oh, and it's embellished with seed beads on the top and sides. The beads I used were 4mm miyuki cubes.

May 19, 2007: I've added a few new pages for my rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I'm back into beading once again!

May 11, 2007: I'm back into beading again, finally, after a major absence. Earlier this week, I made three woven beaded thumb rings. These pictures aren't the greatest, but they do show off the three styles. The first ring uses three colors (gold, rose, wine) in an offset pattern. The second ring is a black, gold, black concentric pattern. The third ring is three shades of blue - light, medium, and dark. All of these rings were made with delicas.

Woven Ring #1 Woven Ring #2 Woven Ring #3

August 14, 2004: I finally finished my beaded glasses chain.

June 24, 2004: I decided I needed a new necklace, so I made one last night from some old glass and metal beads I had in my now very small stash.

March 7, 2004: I made some fuzzy beads!

Wednesday night, June 12, 2002, I got out my beads and played with them a little. I made 3 scissors fobs!

August 30, 2003 - I went to the AQS Quilt Exposition in Nashville with my friend Sallie, and found the exquisite Beaded Scissors Chatelaine I had been searching for since the AQS Quilt show in Paducah, KY a year or two before.

September 10, 2002 - I just added a Mill Hill Beads reference guide, mostly for my own purposes. This way, I can see most of the beads they sell, if I can't remember what a color looks like for a pattern.