Beaded Scissors Chatelaine

August 30, 2003 - I went to the AQS Quilt Exposition in Nashville with my friend Sallie, and just look at the exquisite Beaded Scissors Chatelaine I found there! Okay, so I didn't make this, but I just HAD to show it off - it is just beautiful. I have been looking for the woman who makes these since I saw them at the first Nashville show in 2000. Thanks to Sallie's keen eyes, I met Cindi Edgerton, and was finally able to stop kicking myself for not having bought one the first time!

Beaded scissors chatelaine, created by Cindi Edgerton
Beaded scissors chatelaine by Cindi Edgerton

August 14, 2004: I finally finished my beaded glasses chain. This is from the same pattern as the beaded scissors chatelaine by Cindi Edgerton. Because I bought one at the quilt show, she gave me the pattern for free. I started working on this when I got my new reading glasses a couple of months back. Today, in an urge to finish up projects that have been sitting around on my craft table, I got it out and finished it up. I really like the colors and look - and it goes really nice with my glasses. It also goes nicely with my beaded scissors case.

Beaded glasses chain