October 15, 2007: a nice extra-long weekend resulted in some new bracelets! I couldn't wait to use some of my new seed beads.

New beadwoven bracelets

September 7, 2007: I created an ndebele stitch bracelet for my nephew for Christmas. It has the lead-free solder inside so that it is moldable. I used dark brown and beige colored beads with black delicas on the ends. I think it's pretty masculine-looking.

Ndebele stitch bracelet for Christopher

September 2, 2007: My fourth beadweaving class was Peyote stitch. I pretty much knew how to do the stitch, but I learned a few tips and tricks, including how to cover the magnetic clasps on this bracelet.

Peyote stitch bracelet

Peyote stitch bracelet around my wrist

August 12, 2007: My third beadweaving class was Ndebele, or herringbone. It's quite unique, I think. The tube encases a length of plumbing solder which makes it moldable - adjustable.

Ndebele bead class bracelet - morning glory

July 7, 2007: I took my second beadweaving class today, netting. We created another bracelet, and while you can't really see the netting because of the embellishment, trust me, it is there, as the base. I also created beaded beads for the toggle clasp.

Embellished netted bracelet

Embellished netted bracelet on my wrist

June 30, 2007: Here are some of the projects I've been working on this month

Woven bracelets
These bracelets (and one anklet) are all created with the same bead weaving pattern, and each one has a bead-and-button clasp. The buttons are from my "button jar".

Square stitch bracelet for my niece Tori
These bracelets were Christmas gifts for my nieces, Allison, Tori, and Delaney (top to bottom) in 2007. I modified the pattern used in my own square stitch bracelets. I also made little necklaces to go along with them.
Christmas Presents 2007

June 9, 2007: I completed my second square stitch bracelet in what I consider "beachy" colors. I used white 4mm miyuki cubes (that have a shimmer to them, but I wouldn't say they're pearlized), with some apricot seed beads along the edges and some other pastel colors for the flower embellishments.

Square stitch bracelet #2

June 2, 2007: I took my first beading class ever today! It was so much fun. I took the first in a Stitch of the Month series and I learned the square stitch and the weaver's knot. There were only three of us in the class, which meant that I got lots of individual attention. I finished the project tonight after I got home, and I've just got to say, I LOVE it! Oh, and I got to choose the colors, so, it's 100% me. laughing at myself Oh, and it's embellished with seed beads on the top and sides. The beads I used were 4mm miyuki squares.

Square stitch beaded bracelet

bracelet on my arm

Blue bead braceletThis is a blue bead bracelet I created in May 2007. The beads have a crackle look to them, and I paired them with some toffee and cornflower 6/0 silver-lined glass beads from Gick Beads.

Picasso beads braceletThis is a bracelet I created somewhere around 1995. It is the last piece of jewelry that I made with picasso beads from Beadbox back when Janet Coles still owned that company. It's also my favorite bracelet.