Versions of (and before)

or, From There to Here

For most of these examples, I've taken screen shots of the home page, either the main cross stitch page or the cross stitch WIPs page (may be the same in some cases), and a project page, if one exists.

This is the earliest version I could find, though I know it was not the earliest version of my personal web site. I have had a web site ever since I learned to code HTML on a Linux box at my first full-time job.

On this particular site, I used frames. It was hosted on one of those free hosting sites, Angelfire. Because this site didn't have much in the way of a "home" page, I chose to show a screen shot of the Cross Stitch and Needlework main page.

The neat thing about using the frames in this site was that when you clicked on a link in the top horizontal menu, it would load both the lower left (navigation) and the lower right (content) frames via some javascript.

Welcome to MelissaWeb! ;)

Main cross stitch page

WIPs page

Project page