Our Kitties

We are the proud parents of several kitties, Candy Ass and Stilts who are indoor girls, and Roughy who is an indoor/outdoor boy. Candy Ass was one of two babies we adopted in 1999 along with her sister Rudy Poo, who passed in 2012. Smokey, who passed in 2011, adopted us in the Spring/Summer of 2001. My husband rescued Stilts from the side of the interstate in 2006. Roughy joined our family in 2010. He's orange. :)

Christmas 2007 gift from my brother - he made us a cat tree!
Cat tree made by my brother

Candy Ass

Kitty Candy is our nervous child. She will jump at the slightest sound or movement. She loves to be brushed and have her tummy rubbed. Oh, and have I mentioned, when Rudy's not around, Candy rules the roost? She's also a cross between being a Mama's girl and a Daddy's girl.


Challenging Rudy and Candy for the alpha position is Stilts. Blowing raspberries... and seeming to enjoy her new life with plenty of food and no interstate cars to dodge.


Roughy showed up on our doorstep in March 2010. I've always wanted a ginger cat, so he must have heard my wishes and decided to join our family. CC named him because of his color - Orange Roughy. Funny, no?

Roughy, 2011