Chateau Hexagon

A mystery block of month featuring appliqué, hand embroidery, and hexagons

Annette is to blame for this one. She showed me her first block in progress, and I had the overwhelming urge to do it. Who can resist the combination of appliqué, hand embroidery, and hexagons? My first block kit arrived in the mail July 24, 2013.

Block 1 finished August 23, 2013 - the space in the middle is where a little birdhouse button will be attached
Block 1, August 23, 2013

Block 2 finished September 16, 2013, again, the missing flower is a button
Block 2 finished September 16, 2013

Block 3 finished November 24, 2013 - a pair of gloves button will go on this one
Flower Barrow

Some of the half-inch hexies that will go somewhere in this
Half-inch Hexies