Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Finished August 30, 2008
Finished, August 30, 2008

Quilt backing

The curved and pointed bias binding!!
Binding finished

Quilting pattern (modified from a fleur de lis stencil)
Quilting pattern

This is a 'planned' double wedding ring quilt. The centers and melon pieces of the rings are a tone-on-tone cream fabric. I have the word 'planned' in quotation marks because it is - sort of - planned, but not from start to finish. The basic colors are greens and purples, with some accents of blue and rose. I started out thinking I wanted to do a scrappy quilt, but when I was reading Sharlene Jorgenson's book with templates (available from Quilting from the Heartland), I liked the idea of creating one where the colors radiated outward. I didn't want the quilt to only have a couple of fabrics, though, still wanting some variety, if not a scrappy look.

Read the journey of the quilt below.

Pattern photo
Model of the Four-Patch Flannel quilt I intend to make

Started April 1, 2006, these are some of the pieces cut and placed on my flannel design wall.

'Planned' double wedding ring pieces on design wall

April 7, 2006: some piecing has begun

some pieces sewn together

April 17, 2006 : more pieces and piecing

pieces cut out, April 17

more pieces pieced

September 22, 2006 : a little farther along - stacks of pieces in order (at least in an order that makes sense to me) and some of the melons on the wall - looking a little more like double wedding ring quilt pieces...but not completely joined up.

Stacks of pieces, September 22, 2006

A little farther along, some melons pieced and on the wall

November 4, 2006 : top row of circles almost completed (6 of 7), though they are not attached to one another yet.

working on row one

December 30, 2006: top two rows of circles completed, but the rows are not yet joined to each other. I've also started working on row 3!

December 30, 2006

May 18, 2007: The top 3 rows are pieced (but not to each other at this point), and I've started working on the 4th. The melon pieces of the 4th are pieced, but I have not yet started connecting them.

May 18, 2007 - row 1-3 complete, work has begun on row 4

November 10, 2007: I took off three days (including my birthday), just to play with quilts. I really wanted to work on the double wedding ring, because this time off would give me a great opportunity for the focus this quilt requires. Although I didn't finish assembling the quilt top this long weekend, I made some great progress, piecing rows 5-7 and the melon pieces for row 8. I still haven't pieced any of the rows to each other, but I look forward to starting that soon.

November 25, 2007: It has been a really productive Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I worked on a couple of different quilts, including the DWR. I finished piecing row 8 together, and I finally got to start piecing the rows to each other. Piecing the rows to each other is not going as quickly or easily as I had thought it might be, because it is a two-step process. First the melon pieces must be pieced to the center pieces. Once all those are done, then you piece the connecting diamonds to each other. Although I've learned a lot with this quilt, and I love the colors and the way it looks, I probably won't make another one. The construction of this quilt makes the Drunkard's Path one I did a couple of years ago seem like a simple nine-patch.

Close-up of connecting diamonds
Closeup of connecting diamonds

Rows 6-8 pieced to one another (I started at the bottom and am working my way up this quilt - I enjoy doing things backwards hee hee)
Rows 6-8 pieced

And here is the quilt top finished (December 21, 2007) - now to press, layer, baste, and quilt it!

Double Wedding Ring quilt top pieced

Here's the quilting pattern I'm using - I've modified the fleur de lis quilt template and took some lines out. I like how it looks a little like a flower. I'm also quilting about a quarter inch from the seams in the melon pieces.


January 6, 2008 - approximately 15 "blocks" (of 56) quilted so far.

July 24, 2008 - I've finally finished hand-quilting the quilt, and I now face the scary task of curved binding.

August 3, 2008 - In order to bind this quilt, I watched Sharon Schamber's 5-part video series on curved binding and followed her techniques. I spent several afternoons working on attaching it to the top of the quilt. That was a pretty long process, because of all of the inside and outside corners.

Sharon Schamber's videos on YouTube: Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Part 4 · Part 5

Here are a couple of photos that show the binding I chose - in the first I have machine stitched it to the front of the quilt, and in the second, I have hand-stitched it to the back (but the photo is of the front).
Binding attached to frontBinding stitched