Dad's T-Shirt Quilt #1

My dad likes to go to classic car and truck shows (and he is restoring his 66 pickup truck). He's collected quite a few t-shirts along the way, and we all decided it would be a good idea to preserve those memories in a couple of quilts. This is the first of two.

T-shirts cut and prepped with woven fusible interfacing.

t-shirts cut and prepped

Closeup of fabric used in sashing, backing.

sashing, backing fabric

Adding borders to the blocks, I tried to pick colors that coordinated with each block.

adding block borders

All blocks are bordered, and layout has been decided.

blocks all bordered, layout decided

Started all of the calculations to ensure that each block gets to the width required for the columns.

adding sashing to each block, sides first

Middle column is pieced, piecing continues on two side columns.

piecing the columns

Quilt top is pieced, and the backing is up next. I am quilting this myself.

quilt top pieced