Pincushions I've made - because you can't have just one!

December 2011: Square Deal pincushions from, once again made to give away as little gifts. Fronts and backs, or tops and bottoms. CC helped me pick out the buttons, and I have to admit, I did NOT try to sew the ribbon through the pincushion, as the pattern called for. I just wrapped it around the pincushion and sewed the buttons on at the intersection - WAY easier. :)



November 2009: A set of Schnibbles Tuffets that I plan to give away as little Christmas gifts. This picture is just after I've stuffed them with crushed almonds and fiberfill, the stuffing hole is not yet closed.

Schnibbles Tuffets

October 2009: I made my first Schnibbles Tuffet (a really cute pincushion with pieces that finished ¼ inch wide)

Schnibbles pincushion

Sugar Cube Pincushion, pattern from Moda Bake Shop, finished July 24, 2009

Sugar Cube Pincushion

December 2006: A flower pincushion I made (this one's mine) after seeing some of the ones made around the 'net. I actually made several of these as Christmas gifts this year, but didn't take pictures before giving them away. The pattern was from Whip Up. And it whipped up pretty quick!

Flower Pincushion