My Sewing Machine and Desk

New sewing desk, 2008
February 13, 2008, this is my new sewing desk. It is much longer so it will hopefully accommodate my piecing and quilting better, and it has more storage than the previous one! Oh, and that's my new Pfaff sewing machine. Mom and Dad gave it to me in 2007, and I've started putting it to good use!

For Christmas 2004, my father came to my house and fixed my sewing cabinet so that my machine would fit into it.

This is how it looked before - I had an extra piece of plywood sitting over the hole in the cabinet (because the machine was a little too big for the hole, but not so big as to be steady without the wood "base").

Sewing machine and cabinet before

And here it is after his adjustments. The lip of the sewing machine's case fits just on top of the cabinet, while the base sits inside the hole. It makes it a lot closer to flat, which should make it much easier on my arms, shoulder, and back when I'm sewing! I'm looking forward to trying it out very soon.

Sewing machine and cabinet after